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Management Committee vote - WG2 Workshop in Poland and next 2012 event in Republic of Macedonia

Dear Colleagues, Members of the Management Committee COST Action IS0703

As you know, the next MC meeting and Workshop of the Action will be held in Potsdam (Germany), from 4 to 6 April 2011. Most of you have confirmed their attendance, for the MC meeting and/or the Workshop/Working Group sessions.

The Workshop was planned as a joint event where WG1, WG2, WG3 and WG4 would present results and perspectives, based on the research conducted inside the COST Action and on the presentations of invited researchers and international experts.

During the process of organization, a problem appeared for WG2.

The date 4 to 6 of April interferes with another scientific event in the USA  which is closely related to the topic of the WG2 (CCC Conference in Atlanta). As a consequence, a lot of researchers, members of the WG2 and/or involved as experts in the WG2 will be "in between" the two events. Montserrat Castello and Otto Kruse, as WG2 leaders, proposed topostpone the WG2 sessions in order to maximize the attendance and reduce the interference.

We suggest instead: The MC meeting + WG1, WG3 and WG4 sessions should be held in Potsdam while WG2 sessions, completed by a WG2 Small Training School, could be held in another place, beginning of May. Guido Nottbusch as local organizer in Potsdam agrees with this potential solution.

  The location of the WG2 sessions could be the University of Lodz (Poland) ; the local organizers would be Iwona Witczak-Plisieck and Lukasz  Salski ; the date could be 2 to 4 May 2011. The budget for WG2 sessions in Potsdam could be allocated to the sessions in Lodz, including a proportional part of the meeting support. 

Moreover, WG2 could organize their small training school at the same period, maximizing the attendance and budget.

This choice, proposed by the WG leaders, is motivated by two reasons:
- Poland is a central location regarding the researchers/countries implicated in the WG2 action (Est and West countries).
- Poland was candidate for organizing a Workshop and has already been assessed by the MC members.
- At the same time, Republic of Macedonia - also candidate for organizing the general Workshop and assessed very closely to Germany - could be designed to organize the next COST event in 2012. This choice is motivated by their candidature and its high rating by the MC. The date and content of this event will be discussed and acted during the MC meeting in Potsdam.

As MC members, we have to vote on this budget work plan modification by filling the form below.

The deadline for voting is Saturday 26 February 2011. A non-answer after this date is considered as a positive vote.

COST IS0703 - Management Committee - Vote - Poland-Macedonia
[Required] :
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Status in the MC [Required] :
Vote for the WG2 workshop in Lodz (Poland)
Do you agree with the organization of a WG2 workshop + small training school from 2 to 4 May 2011 in Lodz (Poland), using the part of the budget that was allocated to the WG2 sessions in Potsdam (Germany) + the budget allocated for the WG2 small training school [Required] :
Vote for the next 2012 event in Republic of Macedonia
Do you agree with the organization of the next 2012 event of the Action in the Republic of Macedonia, regarding their candidature and its rating by the MC. The date and content of this event will be discussed and acted during the MC meeting in Potsdam. [Required] :
Thank you very much for your contribution.


Last update : 31 March 2012


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