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Aim and Scope

Aims of Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM)

STSM is a dispositive allowing scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST member state to:
- foster collaboration
- learn a new technique
- take measurements using instruments and /or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory.

They are particularly intended for young (in career terms, rather than age) scientists.

Main objectives:

The main objective of the Action is to improve our understanding of how written production is mastered and how this learning process can be made more effective for each and every European citizen, especially children at school and adults in the workplace.

Working Group objectives :

- WG1: Early acquisition of writing skills (education):
Describing the acquisition of writing by pupils with or without learning difficulties in their mother tongue (L1) and a second language (L2); understanding learning difficulties; analysing the impact of teaching situations.

- WG 2: Improvements in written communication (education and workplace):
Describing the development of different writing skills in two languages; understanding the factors favouring the development of expertise; comparing and designing specific and appropriate training situations.

- WG 3: Design of written documents (workplace):
Describing how professional writers manage their skills and knowledge ; improving documents’ communicative impact; modeling expertise.

- WG 4: Technological advances in writing tools (cross-disciplinary):
Developing and standardising technological tools for studying and fostering the writing process; developing a database.


Last update : 22 January 2009


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