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Management Committee vote - WG2 coleader / Romania integration

Dear Colleagues,
Members of the Management Committee
COST Action IS0703

As you know, the Management Committee Meeting of the COST Action IS0703 "ERN-LWE" was held the 18 April 2010 in Charles University - Prague (Czech Republic) during the Training Schools.

In attendance:

- Denis Alamargot (France) (Chair)
- David Galbraith (UK)
- Helmut Gruber (Switzerland)
- Victoria Kalogerou (Cyprus)
- Marielle Leijten (Belgium)
- Gabriela Seidlová Málková (Czech Republic)
- Luuk van Waes (Belgium)
- Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka (Poland)

Minutes taken by David Galbraith and Denis Alamargot

The Chair, Denis Alamargot, welcomed participants and thanked them for the effort they had made to be in attendance despite the special circumstances caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland. New members from Poland and the Czech republic were welcomed, and each participant briefly introduced themselves.
It was unanimously agreed that, although the meeting would be inquorate because so many members had been unable to attend (normally, 3/4 of the countries should be present), the agenda would be discussed and resulting minutes circulated to the full MC, with the proviso that all proposals would have to be formally confirmed by electronic votes from the full MC.

The minutes of this restricted MC are under elaboration. Nevertheless, we would like to invite you to begin the votes by considering two urgent questions:

1. The nomination of Montserrat Castelló as new leader of the WG2.

Gert Rijlaarsdam’s decision to resign from the leadership of Working Group 2 for personal reasons was accepted. Following Gert Rijlaarsdam’s (ex-WG leader) suggestion, Montserrat Castelló (Barcelona) was proposed as the new WG leader to the restricted Management Committee (in Prague). Montserrat Castelló had been recommended as a possible replacement, and is currently discussing the position with the co-leader of WG 2 (Otto Kruse).
The group is currently organised into two sub-groups, and it was suggested that the group might function more effectively if it were to be organised as a single group. On this basis, Montserrat Castelló is ready to chair jointly with Otto Kruse.

Information about Montserrat Castelló can be find here.

2. The integration of Romania as new COST IS0703 member

During 2009, the Czech Republic and Poland have integrated as a Participating Countries in the Action, and representatives have been appointed to the MC (by the National CNCs).
Because the Action has 2 years old, new integration of countries has to be acted first by the MC, considering the nominations of new MC members.
in 2010, Romania has been proposed as a participating country within the Action country.
Prof. Dr. Ilinca Crainiceanu from the “Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest and Prof. Dr. Sorin Baciu from Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest are candidates for being MC members.
The restricted MC recommended this integration regarding the interest for the data collection and the extension for the network to the East (Otto Kruse, as WG2 leader, has supported this candidature).

Information about the team in Romania and the two candidates as MC members can be find here.

Please, vote by filling the form below.

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Vote for WG2 leader
Do you agree to nominate Montserrat Castello (Spain) as Leader of the WG2 ? [Required] :
Vote for Romania integration and MC members
Do you agree for Romania integration and the nomination of Prof. Dr. Ilinca Crainiceanu and Prof. Dr. Sorin Baciu as MC members ? [Required] :
Thank you very much for your contribution. Next time, you will be asked to vote on the various points of the MC meeting agenda, actually the Work & Budget Plan for the next year.


Last update : 31 March 2012


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