The main goal of the two programmes in Area 3 will be to enhance the design and quality of professional documents by: (i) studying their linguistic characteristics, (ii) their production and reception, and (iii) formulate recommendations and instructions for readers and writers based on the outcomes of empirical research.

The workgroup will, therefore, aim to deliver the following:

  1. Course or curricula design parameters for effective technical written documents production.
  2. A software tool helping professional writers and human factors specialists to assess the quality and usability of procedural documents.

These will be informed by…
- Analyses and modeling of skills and knowledge developed by professional writers;
- Exploring factors that hinder or stimulate the development of professional writing skills and knowledge;
- Empirical knowledge of how professional documents are used and understood by their users ;
- Empirical knowledge of user-centered methods allowing assessment of the quality of professional documents.


Last update : 19 January 2009


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