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Management Committee Vote - lower rate in the case of economic accommodation arrangements

Dear Colleagues
Members of the MC
COST Action IS0703

We are finalizing the organization of the workshops that will be held in Potsdam (Germany - WG1, WG3 and WG4 - April) and in Lodz (Poland - WG2 - May). We are happy to announce that the attendance of the workshop in Potsdam will be large, with a great involvement of the MC members all along the event.

However, having two events instead of one (Potsdam and Lodz), has some consequences. In order to secure good conditions for the two events, we need to make some budget adjustments.

If we use a the originally planned reimbursement of 120 euros per night for the hotel in Potsdam, we will spend the major part of the Workshop budget for WG1, WG3 and WG4 workshop in Germany without leaving a viable remaining budget for the WG2 workshop in Poland.

The normal solutions in such cases is to change the mode of reimbursement for the accommodation as suggested by the COST Vademecum (page 16):

"The flat reimbursement rate is EUR 120 per night for accommodation and breakfast. The MC may decide to lower this rate in the case of economic accommodation arrangements.”

If we adopt the real rate of the hotel rooms - 70 euros in Potsdam - Kongress Hotel (special price obtained by the local organizer) instead of a flat rate of 120 euros, we will save around 6600 euros that can be used by the WG2 for their workshop. Without this change in the reimbursement mode, only 1608 euros remains for the WG2 workshop. The same principle (real cost if it is lower than the flat rate) could be adopted in May on Lodz for the WG2 workshop, increasing then the possible number of invited members.

This decision only concerns accommodation. The reimbursement rate for meals (2 x 20 Euros per days), travel, local transportation, etc. remains the same.

According to the COST policy, the MC members has to vote on these decisions: Please, fill the form below in order to vote. The deadline for voting is Wednesday 9 March. A non-vote is considered as positive after the deadline.

Best regards

Denis Alamargot (Chair of the Action)
Asa Wengelin (Vice-Chair)
Joachim Grabowski (Scientific Secretary)

COST IS0703 - Management Committee - Accommodation Real Rate - Workshops - Vote
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Vote for real rate accommodation for the 2011 workshop in Potsdam
- Do you agree to adopt a real rate reimbursement (70 euros per nights) for the meetings in Potsdam (MC meeting, Workshop) instead of a flat rate (120 euros), considering the special arrangement in Kongress Hotel obtained by the local organizer ? [Required] :
- Do you agree to adopt the same principle (real rate reimbursement) for the Workshop in Lodz, in the case of a lower price than 120 Euros ? [Required] :
Thank you very much for your contribution.


Last update : 31 March 2012


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