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The site has been built to comply with web accessibility standards and guidelines, as required by the current legislation

Navigation using the Tab Key

You can use the Tab Key to skip from link to link within a page :

  • Press the Tab Key and keep repeating until you select the required link
  • Press Enter to valid you choice
  • To move backwards, hold down Shift and press the Tab key

Access Keys

List of all keyboard shortcuts to be found on this website :

  • Key 0 – Website Accessibility Statement
  • Key 1 – Home Page
  • Key 2 – Skip to main content
  • Key 3 – Site map
  • Key 4 – Search the site
  • Key 8 – Legal notices

Key combinations to activate these short cuts are different according to the navigator and the operating system used. Follow the steps accordingly :

  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox for Windows : Shift + Alt + [Keyboard shortcut] (Caution : use digital keys only do not use the numeric keypad)
  • Internet Explorer for Windows: Alt + [Keyboard shortcut] then Enter (Caution: use digital keys only do not use the numeric keypad). If using Windows Vista, use Alt + Maj + [Keyboard shortcut]
  • Opera 7 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux : Esc + Shift + [Keyboard shortcut]
  • Safari for Macintosh : Ctrl + Shift + [Keyboard shortcut]
  • Mozilla and Netscape for Macintosh : Ctrl + [Keyboard shortcut]
  • Galeon, Mozilla and FireFox for Linux : Alt + [Keyboard shortcut]

Resizable text

The size of the textual information on the website is not fixed so that users can alter the font size on the screen to make it easier to read. To change the size, follow the steps below :

  • Select the ‘Text Size’ option from the ‘View’ menu of you browser
  • Hold down the Ctrl key whilst using the scroll wheel on your mouse to increase (or decrease) the size of the text.
  • Hold down Ctrl and hit the + (plus) key to increase text size, or the - (minus) key to decrease text size (numeric keypad)

Coding standards

This website is built using the latest technologies of W3C. It best displays using current browsers but can still be consulted using former generation browsers.


Ref. the French law n° 2005-102 of February 11, 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled persons.

Though every effort is made to ensure the whole site conforms, there may be a few pages within the University Web sites that do not conform yet to all the guidelines of the "recommandations du référentiel commun des critères d’accessibilité des services Internet de l’administration française proposé par la Direction générale de la modernisation de l’État (DGME)".


Good to know

If you have any problem accessing any information on the site, you can advise us by contacting us by email at :

Last update : 18 December 2008


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