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Management Committee vote : Training Schools budget (Antwerp and Lyon)

Dear Colleagues
Members of the MC
COST Action IS0703

We are finalizing the organization of the two Training Schools that will be held in September in Antwerp (Belgium - WG4) and in Lyon (France - WG1). We are happy to announce that the attendance of the two Training Schools will be large (potentially 44 trainees in Antwerp, 9 trainees in Lyon), with a great involvement of various countries.

In order to secure good conditions for the two events, we need to make some budget adjustments, on the request of the local organizers.

- For the Training School in Antwerp, considering the large attendance, we propose to increase the number of grants of 500 euros from 5 (2500 euros) to 12 (6000 euros).

- For the Training School in Lyon, considering the location of the trainers and the associated fees (3 trainers coming from Spain, Portugal and USA), we propose to increase the travel budget from 2500 to 3000 euros and change the mode of reimbursement for the accommodation as suggested by the COST Vademecum (page 16): "The flat reimbursement rate is EUR 120 per night for accommodation and breakfast. The MC may decide to lower this rate in the case of economic accommodation arrangements.” and adopt a real rate reimbursement, considering the special arrangement obtained by the local organizer, in Lyon.

Please, fill the form below in order to vote.

The deadline for voting is Friday 5 August 2011. A non-vote is considered as positive after the deadline.

For your information, the expenses for these two training schools will be taken on the budget of the next year, because the two events occur after the 31 of August. After a discussion with the COST Office, it appeared that it was technically impossible to postpone the payments. We are finalizing now the new work-plan and I am pleased to inform you that the budget for the period 1st September 2011 until 15 May 2012 will amount to a total of 115.000 EUR, as announced by the COST Office after the evaluation in June. This is an increase (relatively to the remaining 8 months activity). On this basis, we should be able to apply the Work Plan configuration, as voted during the MC meeting in Potsdam (which was based on this amount). In this context, it is possible to consider a higher number of grants for the Training School in Antwerp.

In the next days, you will receive, as MC members, the detailed Work Plan Budget and all relevant documents for the next year 2011-2012.

Best regards

Denis Alamargot (Chair of the Action)

COST IS0703 - Management Committee - Training Schools budget - Accommodation Real Rate - Vote
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Vote for the budget of the Training Schools in Antwerp and Lyon - September 2011
- Regarding the attendance and the training programme, do you agree to enhance the budget of the two Training Schools (3000 euros instead of 2500 euros for trainers reimbursement in Lyon ; 6000 euros instead of 2500 euros for trainees grants in Antwerp) ? [Required] :
- Do you agree to adopt a real rate reimbursement (less than 120 euros per night) for the Training School in Lyon instead of a flat rate (120 euros), considering a special arrangement obtained by the local organizer ? [Required] :
Thank you very much for your contribution.


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