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The "Write to read"- method, widely used in Norway

Anne Mangen, leader of WG 4, was interviewed on Norwegian broadcast TV in the popular science program called "Schrødinger’s cat" on Oct 20. The occasion for the interview was an article she has written together with neuroscientist Jean-Luc Velay at INCM CNRS, Univ de la Mediterannee in Marseille on the differences between handwriting and typewriting ("Digitizing literacy: Reflections on the haptics of writing" published in Advances in Haptics). The article is an outcome of Dr. Mangen’s STSM to Marseille funded by the COST Action. In the TV feature, Dr. Mangen describes how the processes of handwriting and typewriting in a number of ways, focusing in particular on how evidence from neuroscience demonstrates that the sensorimotor process engaged in during handwriting (the shaping of each letter) supports the visual recognition of the letter in ways that typewriting does not. When typewriting, there is nothing in the movement involved in typing each letter which informs about the shape of the letter itself. Such knowledge becomes particularly important considering that typewriting is increasingly being introduced in beginning writing instruction in Norway and elsewhere. One method which is used in several countries in Europe is called "Write to Read" in which children write on a keyboard instead of by hand until 4th grade, when handwriting is introduced. The method is developed by Arne Trageton. He is criticized for the lack of scientific evidence, and in the program, Trageton and Mangen debate the two modes of writing and their potential implications for writing instruction.


Last update : 6 March 2012


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