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Management Committee vote - Work-Plan budget for 2010-2011 and new nominations

Dear Colleagues, Members of the Management Committee COST Action IS0703

As you know, due to the special circumstances caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland, there were no possibility to held a representative MC meeting the 18 April 2010 in Charles University - Prague (Czech Republic) during the Training Schools (normally, 3/4 of the countries should be present). The agenda has been discussed, with the proviso that all proposals would have to be formally confirmed by electronic votes from the full MC.

The previous vote concerned the nominations of the new WG2 co-leader (Montserrat Castello) and Romania as new COST country.

By now, we invite you, as MC member to vote :

the Action Budget Plan for 2010-2011

In September 2010, the Action will move from the “Pay as you Go” system to the “Grant Holder” system. The Grant Holder - the University of Poitiers – will manage the administrative aspects of the Action, and up to 15% of the Action’s budget can be allocated for this secretarial support. The Grant Holder is required to submit a budget plan for the coming year for approval by the COST office. Any subsequent changes to the budget plan would involve a resubmission of the plan. The budget plan for the coming year needs to be returned to the COST Office during August 2010, with the approval of the MC (electronic vote because of the impossibility for the full MC to meet in Prague).

This work budget plan has been elaborated on the basis of:
- the general programme plan of the Action (see COST IS0703 project - primary and secondary objectives),
- the advancement and progress of the Action (objectives: improving the number of STSM ; promoting publications…),
- the e-consultation of the MC members and WG leaders, conducted in April 2010 (see , - 14 MC members answered in April 2010.
- the discussion conducted and recommendations made during the restricted MC meeting (not representative) held in 18 April 2010, Charles University - Prague (Czech Republic) – secretary : David Galbraith & Denis Alamargot,
- the feedback from the COST office on a draft version sent in July 2010. According to the COST Officer, a total amount of 115 000 euros (9000 euros more than the previous budget) can be considered.

Zip - 210 kb


the update the MC members/countries list

During the year 2009-2010, new countries (Romania, Poland and Czech Republic) and new MC members integrated the Action and modifications in the list of MC members occurred. According to the COST policy, the MC have to formally vote for confirming these modifications.

Zip - 1.3 kb


In order to vote, please, download the documents (archives) and fill the form here after.

Thank you very much for your contribution,

Denis Alamargot (Chair of the Action) Asa Wengelin (Vice-Chair) Joachim Grabowski (Scientific Secretary)

COST IS0703 - Management Committee - Vote 2
[Required] :
[Required] :
Status in the MC [Required] :
Vote for the Budget-Action Plan
Do you agree with the Budget Action Plan (2010-2011) ? [Required] :
Vote for the update of the MC members list and the integration of new countries (actually Poland and Czech Republic, the vote for Romania has been done).
Do you agree for the nomination of MC members and the integration of new countries (here Poland and Czech Republic) during 2009-2010 ? [Required] :
Thank you very much for your contribution. Next time, you will be asked to vote on the integration of new WG members from various countries.


Last update : 31 March 2012


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