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Work-Budget plan for 2011-2012 (for MC members and WG leaders only)

In order to make the MC meeting in Potsdam (4 April 2011) as efficient as possible we would really appreciate if you could take the time to fill in the following form. It aims at collecting your opinions. All the possibilities will be discussed during the MC Meeting but first opinions will guide the elaboration of various budget simulations.

Nota Bene: Before filling the form, please read the reminder of the various COST Action meetings/tools/eligibility: here

Work-Budget plan for 2011-2012
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Meetings: Workshop

In 2008-2009, we organized a unique event, at the same place (Barcelona, Spain), composed of 4 different Workshops, corresponding to the 4 WGs programmes. It was a great success in that it gathered 120 European and International researchers together.
This year 2010-2011, due to calendar interference, we arranged two separate events : a [WG1, WG2 and WG4] workshop in Potsdam (Germany) and a [WG2] Workshop in Poland. The attendance is high too.
The next year, 2011-2012, we will organized the workshop + the MC meeting in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (as voted by the MC)

- May 2012 as the end of the Action,
- at least 6 months of preparation (from April 2011),
- considering that the MC meeting (held at the same time of the Workshop) will be the last one and should serve for final reporting as well as for prospecting,

what is the best period for organizing the Workshop a+MC meeting (from September 2011 to April 2012) ?
From your point of view, the Action should organize the Workshop and the MC meeting in :
Event: Training School

In 2009-2010, according to the COST IS0703 project, we have organized a large event in a unique place (Prague, Czech). It consisted of 4 Trainings Schools based on the advancement of the 4 WGs, with courses (State of the Art) and intensive trainings on new techniques and methods of analysis (off-line and on-line methods for studying writing).
In 2010-2011, we have considered the possibility of 6 Training Schools of smaller formats (Think Tank - 3 days, 5 trainees granted – 500 euros) and located in the laboratories (no trainers fees). This format seems relevant and, at this moment, at least 4 of the 6 Small Training Schools are running. It allows the young researchers involved in the Action to complete their training by very concrete training inside the laboratories where a technique, a method is developed.
According to the 2011-2012 budget, it could be possible to consider one more time 5 to 6 Training Schools of such a format (2500 euros each – 5 grants). This new set of Small Training Schools could be a follow-up of the previous ones and/or new topics could emerged according to the scientific orientation of the MC and advances of the WGs. We could also consider a supplementary amount allowing the reimbursement of travel fees for external trainers, if needed (for instance 1500 euros more, for some of the Training Schools)
Would you consider Small Training Schools in the laboratories (5 trainees, 2500 euros + some extra budget for trainers travel fees, if needed) a good investment for the Action? :
Meetings: Editorial/Strategic meeting – for the Working Groups

In the previous budget, an amount of 3200 Euros per WG was considered for a small WG meeting (Editorial Strategic Meeting). The aim is to organize a small meeting with four key- persons (1 host and 3 invited), mostly to discuss the advancement of their research and the publication plan. This kind of meeting is useful for WG management and can be cumulated with a "Small Training School" in the lab, for instance (joining events, reimbursement of the trainers’ travel fees).
Would you consider Small Working Group Meetings (3200 euros) productive for the Action? :
If you are a Working Group leader, will you organize a Small WG Meeting in 2011-2012 ? :
If YES, indicate if possible:
Meetings: Working Groups meetings

As recommended by the COST Action, WG meetings should be associated with other events like Workshops in order to limit the expenses. Since the beginning of the Action, WG meetings, which are small events, have always been included in larger events, with no specific budget (for instance, this year, WG meetings are associated with the Training School and take advantage from invited trainers and WG members who are present).
Do you agree to associate WG meetings with the Workshop(s), like previously? :
Meetings: Management Committee meeting

Regarding the number of countries (22 at the moment), the budget does not allow two meetings per year. Like Working Group Meetings, MC meetings are supposed to be associated with another event. This year (2011-2012), it will be a Workshop in the Republic of Macedonia.
Do you agree to associate the MC meeting with the Workshop, in the Republic of Macedonia ? :
Event: STSM

In 2009-2010, 10 STSM were carried out on a total amount of 12120 euros (an average of 1212 euros per STSM). In 2010-2011, until now, 6 STSMs are achieved or are in course; for a previsional amount of 7200 euros. In order to maintain the mobility of researchers and to promote co-publications, but also to adjust this budget according to the needs and demands, the 2011-2012 budget for STSM could be balanced to 12000 euros (allowing 10 STSM, appearing as a average amount for this Action).
Would you agree that balancing the budget of the STSM is a good idea? :
Meeting: Core/Steering Group Meeting

Core/steering group meetings are very important to regulate the Action and organize events. According to the COST policy, the Core/Steering Group Meetings have to be associated with other events in order to reduce fees.
In 2010-2011, a Core Group Meeting was conducted during the SIG-Writing conference in Germany (September 2010) and a second one will be held during the Workshop in Potsdam (April 2011).
For 2011-2012, three or four Core/Steering Group Meeting(s) should be organized (including one in parallel with the Workshop in the Republic of Macedonia). During these meetings, an emphasis should be put on the recommendations emerging from the Action and the spreading of these recommendations (as recommended by the rapporteur of the Action).
Do you agree to consider 3 to 4 Steering/Core Group Meetings the last year of the event, putting emphasis on recommendations/outcomes drafting ? :
Tools: Edition-publication

According to the COST Vademecum, a budget can be allowed for supporting edition, actually contributing to publications by buying copies. Since some WG are projecting to edit books, a total of 4000 euros could be allocated to this section, supporting 2 editions. The support for Website maintenance has to be considered in this section (2000 euros, previously GASG)
Do you agree to support edition and the Website maintenance? :

Thank you very much for your contribution

Denis Alamargot (Chair of the Action)
Asa Wengelin (Vice-Chair)
Joachim Grabowski (Scientific Secretary)


Last update : 28 March 2011


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