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Workshop 2011 - Organisation - Proposals assessment

Dear colleagues,

- download the Archive,
- read first the "ISO7O3 Work Budget Plan" (Workshop part)
- read the four proposals (Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Republic of Macedonia)

Zip - 1 Mb

COST_IS0703_Workshop_2011 Application_Assessment

- fill the form below

Please, note that you can vote even if your country is proposing a candidature

COST IS0703 - Workshop 2011 - Proposals assessment
The assessment of the proposals is conducted by the MC members and International Experts in order to choose the best project, regarding scientific aspects and COST IS0703 cooperation objectives.
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Status in the Action [Required] :
The location of the unique workshop will be decided by the MC following a call for candidates from the member countries (same procedure as for the Training School in Prague). It was also agreed that the criteria for the MC’s decision should include consideration of the amount of travel involved for the participants as well as diversifying the network by encouraging applications from new member countries. It was agreed that the MC needed to strike a balance between accessibility and distributing meetings across the full range of member countries, promoting south and east countries (see main objectives of the COST Action IS0703). (Extract of the "Cost Action IS0703 Work Budget Plan" voted by the MC in August 2010.)
Note: You can choose to put two proposals in the first position but we encourage you to make a choice and classify as much as possible.
Bulgaria [Required] :
Germany [Required] :
Poland [Required] :
Republic of Macedonia [Required] :
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Thank you very much for your contribution.


Last update : 19 November 2010


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