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European Research Network on Learning to Write Effectively (ERN-LWE)

COST Action IS0703

It is mainly through writing that knowledge is created and shared across boundaries of culture. A key objective is to improve our understanding of how written production is mastered and how this learning process can be made more effective for each and every European citizen, especially children at school and adults in the workplace. Given the diversity of educational systems and languages, it is important to build a common multidisciplinary research programme, sharing theoretical, methodological and educational resources. This research programme needs to focus on four complementary areas :

By bringing together European research teams that are already working on the topic of writing - or are intending to do so -, the COST Action will support the building of an active and open network sustained by regular scientific events, research meetings and junior researchers’ training. This research network will provide a means of disseminating recommendations throughout European society (schools, universities, workplace) in order to help professionals and citizens write, learn to write and teach writing more effectively within their particular cultural context, as well to communicate across cultural boundaries through writing.

Keywords : Writing skills - Mother tongue/Second/foreign language – Digital tool technology – Classroom teaching – Workplace/Professional writing

Duration : 2008 - 2011

Chair : Dr. Denis Alamargot
Vice-Chair : Dr. Asa Wengelin

Contact :

European COST IS0703
"Learning to Write Effectively"
GDR-CNRS 2657 "Production Verbale Ecrite" / Laboratoire CeRCA
Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société
Université de Poiitiers
99 avenue du Recteur Pineau
86000 Poitiers - France



  • 12-03-2012

    New nomination in Action ISO703. Read...

  • 01-02-2012

    Workshop in Skopje (Macedonia) 1-2 march 2012. Read...

  • 01-02-2012

    Training School in Padova (Italy) 17-19 April 2012. Read...

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